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General Information



General Information

Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS-Statistics Indonesia) is a Non-Departmental Government Institution directly responsible to the President. The BPS is instituted by Law Number 16, 1997 on Statistics; Government Regulation Number 51, 1999 on Statistics Undertakings; Presidential Decree Number 166, 2000 on Status, Task, Function, Authority, and Organizational Structure of the Non- Departmental Government Institution; Presidential Decree Number 178, 2000 on Organizational Structure and Task of the Non-Departmental Government Institution; Presidential Decree Number 163, 1998 on College for Statistics; Executive Act Number 001, 2001 on The Organization and Task of the BPS; Executive Act Number 101, 1998 on The Organization and Task of College for Statistics. Previously, BPS was Biro Pusat Statistik or Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) instituted by Law Number 7, 1960 on Statistics.

The aforementioned law, and decree stipulate functions to be performed by BPS, as follows:
  • To provide data to the government, and public.
    The data is derived from its comprehensive statistical activities, comprises of periodic information on structure and growth of economy, social change, and development. Those statistics may be derived from its own researches and surveys as well as from other government department as secondary data.
  • To assist statistics divisions of government departments and other institutions, in developing statistical system, needed to setup work program and periodic reporting scheme.
  • To develop and promote standards to be incorporated in the implementation of statistical techniques and methods, and to provide necessary services in the field of education and training in statistics.
  • To establish cooperation with international institutions and other countries for the benefit of Indonesia's statistical development.

Vision and Mission


The Agent of Trustworthy statistical data for all


  • Strengthening the foundation of the constitutional and operational statistics institute for the collection of statistics that is effective and efficient;
  • Creating competent and professional individuals in statistics, supported by the use of advanced information technology for the advancement of Statistics in Indonesia;
  • Improving the application of classification standards, concepts and definitions, measurement, and statistical code of ethics that are universal in every collection of statistics;
  • Improving the quality of statistical information services for all parties;
  • Improving the coordination, integration, and synchronization of statistical activities organized by government and private institutions, within the framework of the National Statistics System (NSS), that is effective and efficient.



Organization Structural

Kepala BPS Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur - Drs. Anggoro Dwitjahyono, M.Si

Kepala Bagian Tata Usaha - Lodewyck Lodi Lado, SE, M.Si

  • Subbagian Bina Program
  • Subbagian Kepegawaian dan Hukum
  • Subbagian Keuangan
  • Subbagian Urusan Dalam
  • Subbagian Perlengkapan

Kepala Bidang Statistik Sosial - Martin Suanta, SE

  • Seksi Statistik Kependudukan
  • Seksi Statistik Ketahanan Sosial
  • Seksi Statistik Kesejahteraan Rakyat

Kepala Bidang Statistik Produksi - Ir. Marselina Irene Goetha

  • Seksi Statistik Pertanian
  • Seksi Statistik Industri
  • Seksi Statistik Pertambangan, Energi, dan Konstruksi

Kepala Bidang Statistik Distribusi - Ir. Desmon Sinurat

  • Seksi Statistik Harga Konsumen dan Harga
  • Seksi Statistik Keuangan dan Harga Produsen
  • Seksi Statistik Niaga dan Jasa

Kepala Bidang Neraca Wilayah dan Analisis Statistik - Sofan, S.Si, M.Si

  • Seksi Neraca Produksi
  • Seksi Neraca Konsumsi
  • Seksi Analisis Statistik Lintas Sektoral

Kepala Bidang Integrasi Pengolahan dan Diseminasi - Matamira B. Kale, S.Si, M.Si

  • Seksi Integrasi Pengolahan Data
  • Seksi Jaringan dan Rujukan Statistik
  • Seksi Diseminasi dan Layanan Statistik


Indonesian Law No.16/1997
Indonesian Law No. 16/1997 on Statistics. (File Size : 192 KB)

Presidential Regulation No. 86/2007(Indonesian Version)
Presidential Regulation No. 86/2007 on BPS Statistics Indonesia. (File Size : 106 KB)

Chief Statistician Regulation No.7/2008 (Indonesian Version)
Chief Statistician Regulation No.7/2008 on Organization and Administration BPS Statistics Indonesia. (File Size : 754 KB)

Presidential Decree No. 163/1998 (Indonesian Version)
Presidential Decree No. 163/1998 on Institute of Statistics. (File Size : 0.98 MB)

Law and Principle on Statistics
Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics oleh The United Nations Statistical Commission. (File Size : 86 KB)

Government Regulation No. 54/2009 (Indonesian Version)
Government Regulation No. 54/2009 on Non Tax Government Revenue. (File Size : 267 KB).

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