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Concepts and Definitions

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Health complaints is someone who is experiencing a state of health or psychiatric disorder, either because of acute illness, chronic disease (although in the last month did not have any complaints), accident, crime or anything else.

The process of birth is the birth of the fetus from the mother's womb into the world, starting from birth signs (heartburn that gradually more and more often, the longer and more powerful, uterus feels tight, bloody discharge from the birth canal (vagina), amniotic fluid discharge colored yellowish clear from the birth canal and feel like want to defecate when the baby is born), until the birth of the baby, cutting the umbilical cord, and placenta. A mother who gave birth could be helped by more than one type of helper (eg, birth attendants and midwives).

The birth is the birth of the fetus when aged 5 months (22 weeks) up, if the birth of the fetus is less than 5 months called abortion / miscarriage.

By trained birth attendants are the last birth attendants by doctors, midwives, and medical personnel.

Immunization or vaccination is the inclusion of a specific disease germs or toxins that have been attenuated (vaccine) into the body by injection or taken by mouth (instilled in the mouth), with a view to boost immunity against the disease.

Breastfeeding (breast milk) is the only best food for babies and also natural food, the composition meets all the needs of infants for six months. Breast milk contains antibodies that provide protection against a variety of diseases and also contains enzymes that help digestion. Breastfeeding with compassion can strengthen the bond between mother and baby.

Treating yourself is art that does attempt to determine the type of drug treatment alone (without advice / prescription from a health / batra).

Traditional medicine is a drug concoction made from parts of plants, animals, minerals, etc., typically have been used for generations; either to cure the disease or to maintain health, can take the form of powder, chopped, liquid, tablet, capsule, parem, liniment, and others. Could the maker of household, hawkers carrying herbs, herbal medicine companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and others. Traditional medicine manufactured pharmaceutical or herbal company has a registration number in MOH with prefix TR (traditional), eg, the various brands of herbal medicine made in the country, TRI (various brands of imported traditional medicine), TRL (various brands outside of traditional medicine is gaining licenses) .

Outpatient art is an activity or effort that has health complaints for a check-up and treatment by visiting places of modern or traditional health care without a stay, including health workers bring to the art.

Not included in the outpatient treatment is consultation, medical examination (check-up), kir health (eg for SIM, hiring, promotion), screening (medical examination to find the disease as early as possible, eg Pap test for cervical cancer, Mantoux screening test for tuberculosis in young children), normal prenatal care, and immunizations, as this is prevention.

Hospitalization is a healing effort by staying 1 night or more in a health care unit of modern or traditional, these events are included in hospitalization for childbirth.


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