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Grafik Inflasi Provinsi NTT dan Nasional

Strategic Data of Nusa Tenggara Timur Province
Area Width
4 734 990 Ha
Regencies (2013)
21 Regencies and 1 Municipality
2 936 Villages and 316 Sub-Districts
Population (2013)
4 953 967
Population Density ( per Km2) (2013)
Households (2013)
1 060,85
Out-migration (2013)
4 383
In-migration (2013)
Economical Growth (2013)
PDRB Per Capita [Rp] (2013)
8 168 207
Per Capita Income [Rp] (2013)
7 569 168
Live Expectation [Year] (2013)
Average School Time[Year] (2013)
Literacy Rate [Percent] (2013)
Human Development Index(2013)
Poverty (2013)
1 006,9 thousand
Gini Ratio (2013)
Unemployment (Agustus 2014)
73,2 thousand
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Rice is the main commodities needed by society with a relatively high weight in the consumption basket of commodities consumed by the people in the city. In fact, there are many varieties / quality rice in circulation, so that in the calculation of the average price should be weighed based on portions of the volume range of quality rice. To get quality rice which is more representative of the samples in the recording of consumer prices, there should be a special study of rice so that BPS conducts Survey Retail Sales Volume of Rice in Kupang city.

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Welfare Indicators of NTT 2013 is a publication that present the welfare development of NTT people from years to years that described in main indicator and their comparison with other regencies in NTT. The source that being used in the publication is from BPS itself, Education Office of NTT, and Health Office of NTT. BPS's data is thake from SUSENAS (National Sosio Economical Survey) 2013 and SAKERNAS (Labor Force Survey) 2013.

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Hotel and Accommodation Statistics of NTT 2013  is present picture of accommodation on NTT as a place that has a great tourism potential. The accommodation data that publish include number of  business, room and bedroom, labor that used by the business, and number of guest that staying.

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Kegiatan BPS


Consumer Price Index (CPI) is one of the macro-economic indicators that can provide information on the development of prices of goods and services paid by consumers. Inflation as the final output of the CPI calculation, also as a measure of economic movement patterns of changes in commodity prices which always eagerly awaited by the public. For that reason, this publication tries to summarize and present data and information on the consumer price index and inflation rate that occurred in the city during the year 2011. In this publication also presented  Kupang inflation rate comparisons with several cities in eastern Indonesia and the calculation of the CPI sample city. Hopefully this publication provides an overview of more detailed economic movement in the East, especially in the Kupang city.

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