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Grafik Inflasi Provinsi NTT dan Nasional

Strategic Data of Nusa Tenggara Timur Province
Area Width
4 734 990 Ha
Regencies (2012)
20 Regencies and 1 Municipality
2 929 Villages and 317 Sub-Districts
Population (2012)
4 899 260
Population Density ( per Km2) (2012)
Households (2012)
1 056,59
Out-migration (2012)
8 054
Economical Growth (2012)
PDRB Per Capita [Rp] (2012)
7 249 036
Per Capita Income [Rp] (2012)
6 727 580
Live Expectation [Year] (2012)
Average School Time[Year] (2012)
Literacy Rate [Percent] (2012)
Human Development Index(2012)
Poverty (September 2013)
1.009,15 thousand
Gini Ratio (2013)
Unemployment (Februari 2013)
46,4 thousand
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Statistics of Large and Medium-sized Industry on NTT 2013 consist of industrial statistics in NTT especially Large and Medium-sized (IBS) company. Data on this publication is an output of yearly IBS Survey, that used to describe the IBS company, including:number of company, number of labor, salary, output/input value, added-value from base-market price and production factor price in NTT on 2012. Meanwhile, to review the growth of quarter IBS index on 2012-2013, the data that being used is monthly IBS survey from each company that has been made sample by Statistics Office of Indonesia.

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Export and Import  Statistics of Nusa  Tenggara  Timur  2013 is a publication series from export and import data that processed by Statistical Office of NTT. This publication serve export and import data by its goods, the port, and its origin/destination county.

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Gross Regional Domestic Product NTT by Regency/Municipal 2011-2013 is a 2000 based year publication and a series of same publication released last year which made by Bidang  Neraca  Wilayah  dan Analisis, Statistical Office of NTT.

Beside base tables, this publication present concept and definition that used in it and general explanation about Gross Regional Domestic Bruto (GRDP).

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NTT Population Projection by Regency/Municipal 2010-2020 is development tools. The Long Term National Development Program 2005-2025 must consist of population information in the future for development plan.

To fulfill that purpose, this publication was made, which consist of population information that able to support the development plan program in the future, at national level or province level. Beside number of population, there are another population parameter such as population age structure, birth number, and population life-expectation.

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Kegiatan BPS

Press Release

  • August 5, 2014:
    Press Release of NTT Economic Growth and NTT Consumer Tendency Index Second Quarter 2014
  • August 4, 2014:
    Press Release of Inflation and NTT Farmers Exchange in July 2014, Export Import and Hotel Occupancy Rate of NTT in June 2014, NTT Horticultural Production 2013, NTT Manufacturing Industry Growth Second Quarter 2014
  • July 4, 2014:
    Press Release Indononesia Democracy Index (IDI) 2013 NTT Province
  • July 1, 2014:
    Press Release of Inflation and NTT Farmers Exchange in June 2014, Export Import and Hotel Occupancy Rate of NTT in May 2014, March 2014 Poverty Profile NTT, NTT Rice Production and Crop ARAM I 2014, the results of Agricultural Census 2013 and
    Survey of Farmers Income 2013

Census and Survey

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